Where to Stay in Dubrovnik

Eight of us met for this trip, so we decided the best way to experience Dubrovnik was to stay in a local apartment in the center of old town. This was a great call, but be aware, that few vehicles are permitted to travel within the city walls, so plan to roll & carry your bags down the streets and up many stairs to your final destination. We booked our apartment through croatianvillas.com. They were nice and organized. It was Apt#DU031, and the owner runs a restaurant next door, so she & her staff made check-in/out pretty easy for our different arrival times.

Dubrovnik Hotel

One of our friends booked her own apartment for the first few days at Villa Adriatica, which was right on the water, just outside the gates. She did have the best view, and the location made it easy for her to partake in a daily swim in the crystal clear Adriatic. It’s seaside location made it a bit more Kuna than our place.


After you settle into your digs, I would suggest that you start enjoying your visit the moment you arrive, by heading out and visiting the best outdoor café in Dubrovnik, Café Buza; but don’t spend your entire trip there. It will be tempting, but there is much more to see. More on Café Buza later.

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  1. Hi,

    My boyfriend and I are traveling to Dubrovnik and want to know the best area to stay; most probably a hostel too. Do you have any suggestions? We will be going north to Zadar after staying maybe 5 days in Dubrovnik.



  2. Get an apartment in the city. That is the best way to take full advantage of all of the things to do in Dubrovnik. Apartments are reasonable and provide some excellent advantages to the traveler.

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