Visiting BUDVA Montenegro

The last stop on the tour of Montenegro was Budva. Buvda has the reputation of being the main tourist destination of Montenegro because of it’s history, natural beauty, beaches and easily accessible islands. Being part of a tour group we were only scheduled to visit Old Town. Old Town Budva is located on a small peninsula that stretches out into the Adriatic on all sides. The streets are narrow and open into small squares, which is typical of medieval architecture. Budva’s architecture is known for Churches like Sveti Trojica, which houses the tomb of the writer Stjepan Mitrov Ljubisa.

There other famous churches, like Sveti. Sava and Sveti Borgorodica. We only quickly toured Sveti Trojica, then moved on to the back streets, shops and other points of interest. By this point in the day, we were on church overload.

While the crew chilled out at a cafe, I cruised over to the main fort wall and photographed various aspects of the most prominent structure in Budva. There was a small beach area under the city wall, but I don’t think it was reflective of the other beaches near Budva, which are along what is considered one of the most beautiful coasts in the world. We wanted to see more, but this was our last stop and we had little time and little energy left to do this city justice.


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