Visiting Brac Island Croatia

Brac is the third largest Croatian coast island, and the largest in the central Dalmatian coast. It spreads almost 400 Kilometers and hosts a population of almost 14,000 people. The Brac channel separates the island from the mainland. The island is reachable from the Splitska Vrata (Spit Channel), the Hvar Channel or by the Brac channel from Solta.

The Island’s history runs in parallel with Split. It was a part of the Roman Empire, (remnants of Roman Villas are all over the island). It was taken over by Venetians in 1420 then fell to the Austrians with Split in 1797. It was even a Russian marine base until the Austrians took it back in 1918. After World War I it was made part of Yugoslavia, along with the rest of Croatia and it’s neighboring Baltic countries.

Today the island produces olive oil, wine, fruit and livestock. Tourism is it’s biggest industry with thousands of tourists visiting Bol beach for the sun, sand and world class Wind Surfing. Other areas of the island are popular for private villas, secluded coves and easy access to the warm Adriatic ocean.

The largest settlement on Brac is Supetar. It’s 3000 plus inhabitants operate a lively tourist business and transportation hub. The island is renowned as a superior vacation destination. You can navigate the rest of the island from Supetar. busses and ferries come and go at regular intervals.

The island of Brac is easily accessible from Hvar as well as Spit. Part of our travel group traveled there from Hvar in about a 30 minute ferry ride. Laura and I decided to go from Split, which was easy but a bit longer. The Ferry took about 1.5 hours to reach Supetar, the main port entry on Brac. We went directly to the bus station to make the first bus to Bol Beach.

The world famous triangle beach of Bol Croatia is both well known as the only large sand beach in Croatia, and as a world class wind surfing destination. The bus from Supetar cuts through the twisted roads of central Brac to arrive in Bol from Supetar in about 90 minutes. The ride over is filled with twists and turns, so be warned if you get motion sickness easily. The views of the ocean from the mountains is incredible, as well as the villages and expansive olive fields that pass by.

11 thoughts on “Visiting Brac Island Croatia

  1. I would love to a do a bike trip on Brac. We were there only for a day trip from Split. Ideally I would stay in Hvar and roll up to Brac for a few days. Maybe next time I go back. Great shots on your site too.

  2. My wife, I and her parents visited Brac for a 1 and half weeks during the summer of 07′. We stayed in Sutivan and it was awesome…nightlife and markets were awesome. The people were more than willing to help and very nice. The water was great and warm with at least 50m of clear visibility.

    1. We only spent one day there, but really liked it. My favorite was Hvar, I could live there. can’t wait to venture back and spend more time on Brac and Hvar. Thanks for visiting my site and sharing your experience.

  3. My husband and I come to Bol, Brac on a regular basis. It’s a wonderful place to visit. With camp sites, all inclusive hotels, private accomodation and self-catering apartments it caters for all types of tourists. It is particularly entertaining on Croatia’s National Festival Day. Zlatni Rat is a marvelous beach (pebble/stone) and is within easy walking distance from Bol but if you want there is a land train from the harbour front and boat taxis that will take you to and from the beach. Restaurants serve good food to suit all pockets.

  4. Brac Island seems like a great place to go. We have never been there but are currently exploring blogs in order to put an itinerary together. Thanks also for the great pics!

  5. Is it possible to get to Bol from Trogir on public transport with suitcase and hand luggage. Staying in Trogir for 2 nights then considering spending 2 nights on the Island of Brac in Bol.


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