Visiting Bol Beach Croatia

Arriving in Bol we made our way down a long tree-lined pathway towards Bol Beach. There are small cafes at the start of the path. We stopped at one for our typical lunch of Pizza and beer. You can catch a trolly train here that goes directly to Bol Beach, about 2 miles down the path. We decided to walk to explore the other sites before relaxing on the sand. The pathway is on a ridge above the water, and provides fantastic views of the crystal blue Adriatic below. There are beaches, cafes and dive shops all along the beach as it widens out to form Bol Beach. Thick woods cover the land side of the path, except for a few resorts and small Inn’s that line the pathway. A couple of the resorts are huge, indicating Bol is catching on quickly as a prime vacation spot.

The beach at Bol is considered Croatia’s most spectacular beach. It’s renowned for the golden sandbar (Zlatni Rat), which wraps around a wooded forest forming triangle styled point that’s just out into the Adriatic. We found a spot and set up camp. Just beyond the swimming area yachts and boats lined side by side. The beach was crowded, but in September most of the Euro-tourists were back and work and school, so it was not too bad. The water was warm and enjoyable. After two days of hiking around Trogir and Split it was good to chill out to one last day of sun and fun.


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  1. Wow! I didn’t know that Croatia had that kind of scenery. Your pictures are fabulous. And the water us warm too? I am looking to travel to places where the water is warm. Here in Canada, it is difficult to find good warm waters. Thanks.

  2. Hi John, I think it will take some years before Brac island get a top spot, somehow only a few peak mention Brac when the talk about Croatia.

    I am personally very found of the island, actually I look at it every day from my balcony, so I some times feel I should be going there more often.

    In terms of Beaches on Brac, there is a great beach in Supetar just 15 minutes walk from where the ferry lands, so you can actually go there on a day trip if your are staying in split.

    Brgds, Morten
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  3. Nice pictures, I am going to Croatia, hopefully at the end of the year so I will definitely add Bol Beach onto my list of “must visit” places.

    Thanks for the great review and the pics!

  4. Nice picture, I’m just back from Croatia. One of my favorite place is Pula. Pula is also a paradise for diving enthusiasts, thanks to the presence of beautiful sites, rich in marine life and boasting beautiful caves that make this rock face one of the most spectacular along the western coast of Istria: Fraškerić, Cape Rakovica or Svjetionik
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  5. I certainly hope you’re correct when you say ‘I think it will take some years before Brac island get a top spot’. I always find that the most unspoilt and least tourist- oriented areas of a country prove the most culturally interesting places to visit. It’s only when you experience a place free from the commercialisation of tourism that you can truly appreciate it for what it is. From the pictures, Bol looks relatively untouched at the moment and I for one hope it stays this way. I am looking to visit Croatia, but have concerns about the rapid expansion of tourism. It’s reassuring to know that places like Bol still exist so thanks for posting the photos!

  6. I went to Brac in 2006 and took the bus to Bol. We were so impressed with the beach that we stayed overnight before returning to Split. We took a room overlooking the harbor and ate at a local beach front restraunt. Next week we are returning for a vacation in Split with our daughter and I plan to take her to see Bol. It will be the highlight of our trip I am sure

  7. i ve been there thay have a naked part of the beach i nerly snorkled over there it gave me a shook that still stings my eye’s thay should mack it illegal to swim with no cloths on but apart from that i loved it xx going again soon

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