Traveling to Montenegro from Dubrovnik

Because we knew nothing about Montenegro we decided it was best not to go it alone on this leg of the trip. We were able to find an excellent day tour by Atlas Tours that left Dubrovnik at 8:30 AM and returned back at the Pile gate before sundown. It was called the ‘Montenegro blue’ tour. The Tour company bus arrived promptly at the Pile gate to find our crew of 7, and other tourists from various parts of the world.


We drove south stopping at two other resort towns like Orjen to pick up other passengers then we were on our way. The drive was pleasant, but very curvy. The terrain was essentially the same rocky coastline and high mountains. We passed through Ledenice and Risan until we could begin to see the incredible Fjord’s of the bay of Kotor, which is a huge inlet of the Adriatic ocean. We passed through Orahovac and onto Kotor.

2 thoughts on “Traveling to Montenegro from Dubrovnik

  1. The Atlas tours are good, but there is also the option of private guided tours. They are more costly, but offer more flexibility and privacy. There are severa companies in Dubrovnik that offer private tours and prices are generally around 200 – 220 Euro for up to 4 people. The more people you have, the more ecomonical private tours are.

  2. I agree Andy. I private tour is always best. However on the Atlas tour we got to experience some interesting fellow travelers including the guide who cracked some pretty off-color jokes about the locals. The animosity from the war clearly still lingers.

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