Touring Ston Croatia

Ston dates back to 1345, when it was founded as part of the Republic of Ragusa (Dubrovnik today). Constructed as a fort to protect the interests of Ragusa, The city was fortified with an enormous wall that rises high into the steep hills above. We made it to the city edge before determining that it was too steep to try to get to the highest point. Standing at the top of the last town street and facing the wall and the city below provided an incredible perspective of the city and the vastness of the wall above.

The Fortress of Koruna was clearly visible from this vantage point, but this is as close as we would get to it. Our time was pressing, so we decided to explore the local streets and see what we could find at the salt works.

The town is not on the normal tourist track, and is therefore small and filled with locals. There are no tourist hotels to speak of. It was nice to be in a place where we could experience the day to day activity of the people who lived there.

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The Salt Works reach out over quite a bit of what looked at the time to me a marsh type area. I think the tide was out which allowed us to see the framework and mechanics on how the salt is captured and brought in for processing. We even bought a bag of sea salt, which, I recall, we used with much success at our Christmas party.

Tony and I took off to photograph some interesting church ruins, while the rest of the group went into town town to shop around. We met up with the rest of the group at a local store, where they purchased a couple of bottles of Dalmatino, and local Liquor that was a mix of lemon and vodka. It was a purchase that would come in handy a bit later.

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  1. Tourist hotels now are Villa Koruna, Ostrea and the wonderful Villa Bandur. Great places to eat and stay. Ston has concerts and a lot going on in July. Mali Ston is beautiful and the people are really wonderful. This is a great place to stay and I find if you can, go in July. Rent a car and enjoy all of Peljesac, its the wine country. The wall in Mali Ston was begun in 1333. Go to the Ostrea website for old photos and more info. For a good travel agent, we use Pan out of New York. Happy travel!

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