Touring Old Town Kotor in Montenegro

We traveled for maybe 45 minutes after Perast, curving around roads along the bay of Kotor until we stopped before the ominous image of enormous bulwarks that guarded the Old City of Kotor.

Kotor is the known for being the best preserved medieval town in the mediterranean. The architecture features a great number of cathedrals, churches, museums and palaces. The streets are narrow and wind around the city like a maze. We had to be careful where we were for fear we might get lost and miss our bus.

We ventured in to small squares, checked out some of the smaller churches and shops. Kotor does have an excellent collection of boutiques and shops that offer local items as well as European designer products.

Old Town Kotor is nestled right into the Fjords which seem to rise dramatically from behind the town. I loved shooting images here because the mountains made such a great backdrop for framing the beautifully situated medieval buildings. Even with my 15-35mm lens I could get nice wide shots of the town and still capture the majesty of the mountains in the background.

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