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On our first full day we immediately set off to see the main attractions Dubrovnik had to offer. The first, and mostly highly recommended, was the walk along the Dubrovnik Wall. We started the walk at the Pile Gate side entrance, inside the wall. I think it was 50 Kuna to enter. When doing this tour, make sure you have some water and all the camera gear you’ll need. There is no way to get back down accept the entrance. So be prepared. The tour goes for over 2 kilometers and can take 3-4 hours.

Once we climbed the steep staircase to the top of the wall, we were blown away at the incredible views of Tower Loverjenac (an outside fortification), and the small bay the separates them. As we moved along to the Northern most post, Tower Bokar (Lapidarij), the view of Tower Loverjenac and the bay came into view. Hulking man-made fortresses, separated by a peaceful bay of crystal blue-green sea.

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Up again we moved to the main wall. On the city side some ruins from the bombing were still noticeable, as were the newer red roof tiles on the homes that had been restored. At the top of the wall there were homes with windows facing the Adriatic and Island Lokrum. There was a gate there that was at the peak height of the wall. That gate with the various backgrounds made for an excellent photo opportunity.

Continuing on, we stopped at the high southern tower that offered a straight shot of Island Lokrum, a large, undisturbed island that is just a short boat ride from Dubrovnik. We did not have time to go, but friends went and loved it, so I have to recommend it as a great secluded beach getaway.

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Facing south on the Dubrovnik wall we could see the incoming tour ships parked in the distance between Lokrum and the rising mountains of the mainland.

As we made our way around the south side of the wall towards the Vrata Od Ploca entrance (the south gate main entrance), I found excellent vantage points to shoot the top of the Church of St. Blaise. When we reached the Eastern most point of the city, the view across the red roof tiles with the blue Adriatic in the background was breath-taking. This is considered the most famous vantage point to shoot Dubrovnik. It’s here the uniqueness of the city and it’s history is best shown.

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Not only were the views of the Church of St. Blaise and other important architecture outstanding, but it also provided a taste of local life as well…fresh clothes hanging on rooftop patio clothes-lines, bottles of walnut liquor fermenting in the sun. This liquor was used as a local after dinner drink, or for special celebrations. We were able to purchase some at a local market in the main square. It was interesting, and I do suggest it if you enjoy the taste of walnuts.

Finally we made it to the highest point on the tour, the Minceta Tower. The short, but steep climb up was well worth it. The views of the city were the best here, and even the views of the outside city and surrounding hills were at their best here.

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We spent about 3 to 4 hours touring the wall and taking in every aspect possible. Please be sure to set aside enough time to do this right. Unfortunately the gates open after sunrise and close before sunset. So you are stuck with making the most of mid-day high sun. Even so, the clarity of the views will guarantee incredible images.

5 thoughts on “The Dubrovnik Wall Tour

  1. On Sunday 6 June I have 3 hours in Dubrovnik and want to photograph from the famous high up vantage point looking down and to the right over Old Town and the Harbour Walls.

    Any idea please from where how to do ? Is there a name of this famous spot from which all photos are taken ?

    I presume I’ll have to take a taxi but where do I ask for ?

    MANY thanks. Anthony

    1. Anywhere you go on the wall is a great shot waiting to be taken. Unfortunately it does not open until well after the sun has risen and closes well before sunset, which prevents you from getting beautiful sunrise/sunset shots.

  2. I will be visiting Dubrovnik on a cruise and will be in in Dubrovnik for a day. I would like to visit the wall and presume I will have to take s taxi or bus.What do I ask fir and how do I go about it.

  3. For us, the cruise ships moored in the harbour at the lower town. we took a tour with Cheap Dubrovnik to see Ston and the countryside so we approached the fortifications at Pile Gate. If you are a walker others told us that it is about 1 mile walk, uphill, to the first gate you see; it has a large parking lot usually filled with tourist buses from the cruise ships. But if you follow the wall around you come to the Pile Gate (this is the gate with St. Blaise carved above).. This gate does bring you onto the main street. Walk along it to the square where there is the entrance to the walls – you buy your ticket for the old walls at the tourist centre and then enter nearby. If it is hot, please be aware that there is no shade on the walls so take a hat, sunscreen , and water with you (although we noticed that some small business have set up tables and chairs along the wall, but these are few).

    There are cabs as well at the cruise ships mooring spots and when you walk through the security gate there will be more – we had to have our passports with us, the driver’s licence was not accepted..


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