St. Lawrence Cathedral In Trogir Croatia

St. Lawrence Cathedral is the most famous and most visible of the town’s monuments. It’s prominently situated on the main square with a bell tower that reaches far above the town. The portal of artistic Master Rodovan, which guards the entrance, is one of the most significant monuments in Croatia. It’s worth the 5 Kuna they charge to go inside.

St. Lawrence Cathedral features a wonderful bell tower that stretches 47 meters high, and was worth the climb to the top. The inside of the tower is expansive and open, which is a little frightening as we made our way upwards on the steep staircase. There is a small portal at the top of the bell platform that you have to climb through to get to the top. We timed our way between fellow tourists and popped through to a large open platform that was the top of the tower.

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Looking out at Trogir and it’s position on the waterway gives clear indication of why Trogir would have been a town of great strategic importance as well as an central area of commerce. No wonder it was taken over so much. I slipped on my trusty zoom to get some close up shots of the rooftops and waterway below. Getting through the portal on the way out posed a more difficult process than getting up there. I strapped on my gear and made my way through carefully. I could see the floors below through the steel steps as I headed down. Eventually we made it down safely, but it’s not for the faint of heart to get up there.

The interior of the Cathedral is typical of most churches. However I really like church interiors for the photo challenge. SInce flash photography is off limits in churches, available light is the only resource to use. This can make for some great shots of light streaming through stained glass, or pouring in over the alter. I was able to get a few worthwhile shots.

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