Shooting photos on the Dubrovnik Wall

The city opens the gates to the Dubrovnik wall daily around 8:00 am, and closes them before dusk. This is unfortunate, because some of the best photography to be had along the Dalmation coast is on this wall. You’ll want to make sure to take as much gear as possible because there is no way to get down once you’re on your way. Our apartment was in the middle of the city, but even if I forgot something, it would have been a major hassle to go back and get it.

Allow for a full morning to tour the entire wall. It’s more then 2 kilometers long. The crowds and unlimited photography opportunities will slow you down.

View of Dubrovnik from the highest tower toward the end of the tour.

8 thoughts on “Shooting photos on the Dubrovnik Wall

  1. Dubrovnik does offer many views and subjects for photography. You prove with with your excellent photographs. I hope to visit Dubrovnik soon and hope to find come home with many excellent photographs of the famous city.

  2. We were here perhaps 25 years ago when it was still called Yugoslavia. I was 14 years old and this was my first taste of the Mediterranean Sea. I fell in love with the place from then on out and can’t wait to get a trip again there soon. The crystal clear blue waters are so refreshing, thanks for bringing the memories back.

  3. There are a lot of great photo opportunities from the city walls, but I would recommend going as early in the morning as possible as they sometimes get really crowded. If possible, avoid days when there are cruise ships in town. Another suggestion for avoiding the crowds is to enter the walls from the Ploce Gate side of the Old Town; most people enter from the Pile Gate, which creates long lines at that end.

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  4. Dubrovnik is a wonderful city and it the same time, very expensive. I prefer to stay in Cavtat, nice place near Dubrovnik surrounded with attractive nature and beaches.

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