Kamerlengo Fortress In Trogir Croatia

We ventured out of the rear entrance to the town that opens on the beautiful cafe lined waterfront. After a quick refreshment of cokes and coffee we made our way down to Kamerlengo Fortress. Built as a naval base by the Venetians in the 14th Century, the high walls, turret posts and large single entry gate are an amazingly well preserved testament to that age. Today it’s an open air cinema and tourist attraction. We climbed up the stairs and walked along the fortress walls. At the top of largest fortress turret I was able to get excellent shots of Trogir and the water-way.

  Trogir Tower View

I highly recommend spending time along the waterway and across the bridges that connect Old Town Trogir to the other parts of the city. Some excellent photography is to be had from across the water-way back towards Old Town Trogir.

Trogir Bridge

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