Guide to Hotels and Restaurants in Hvar

We stayed at the Hotel Amfora, which is located conveniently about 5 minutes walk from Hvar Town. We loved the location because it was close to Hvar Town, within walking distance from excellent local rock beach areas, and stylish enough to provide comfort to travelers that are used to sophisticated accommodations.

We stayed at the Hotel Amfora, which is located conveniently about 5 minutes walk from Hvar Town. The hotel is situated on a steep hill overlooking a tranquil cove that offers a small private beach. We found a better area for sunning and swimming farther down the paved pathway about 15 minutes away. The hotel is huge, and still shows remnants of being a proletariat vacation spot during the darker days of Communist Yugoslavia. Today it’s a sophisticated boutique hotel that is modern, stylish and considered a top notch luxury hotel by European standards.


Between the Hotel Amfora and Hvar Town there is a great outdoor lounge bar that is a must visit at sunset. The view of the Hvar bay from comfortable cushy chairs with a cocktail in your had is a fantastic experience that is not to be missed.

The beaches are all rocky and not comfortable with a beach towel alone. Lounge chairs are available for 5 kuna a day. Our favorite beach spot offered a small refreshment hut where we could get sodas, beer, and snacks. Some spots have ladders to get in and out of the water. This is something to look out for, because the rocks are several feet above the water and there are sea urchins. The ladders make getting in and out easier.

Lunches were normally spent at the cafe’s along the marina. I found the pizza’s to be consistently good, but salty like all the food in Croatia. The most memorable dinner we had was at a restaurant a few blocks up from the marina on one of the steep alley’s that offer a variety of shops and restaurants. Our waiter was a wildman. He provided great service and recommended fish dishes that were incredible. At the end of the dinner, when the restaurant was almost empty, he brought out Croatian Liquor and started doing shots with us and one of the other waitresses. It was a wild night, the perfect way to celebrate our last night in Hvar.

If you can’t get a booking at Hotel Amfora, I would suggest Hotel Hvar, which is located just next door to the Marina, and seems to be very nice. we had cocktails there, and really enjoyed the environment. My only concern would be the noise from Carpe Diem Nightclub, which is around the corner. The other place to check out would be The Palace Hvar. It’s the oldest hotel in Hvar, beautiful inside and out which translates to very pricey in the peak season. The Palace Hvar is located at the marina and showcases supreme views from it’s patio and marina facing rooms. Right next door is the famous Hvar Theatre, the oldest theatre in Croatia.

5 thoughts on “Guide to Hotels and Restaurants in Hvar

  1. i agree about hotel amfora its really a very nice place.
    ive been last year in Hvar and i stayed at some guys apartments, which i read on tripadvisor that his apartments are ranked the best (and i usually trust tripadvisor). amfora was a very nice place but a bit on the pricey side for me. i did however enjoy going to the gym in the hotel amfora everyday… luckily no one really seems to use it although to workout at the gym with the Hvar seaview is an unforgettable experience, really.
    anyway for who is interested i stayed at this guy’s apartments and i think its a nice place.

    other than that.. i love Hvar and im coming back in this year’s june… one recommendation to everyone: be extremely careful of the SEA URCHINS in the water!!! i kinda found this out the hard way… 🙂

  2. The photographs looked really stunning. It must be nice to stay in the hotel Hotel Amfora because of the wonderful view of the place. I wish I could be able to taste the good salty pizza in Croatia.

  3. @Michael: I agree. Gorgeous area. Never new Croatia was this beautiful. I also looked up Palace Hvar, Oh my gosh it has to be the most beautiful hotel (mansion) I have ever seen.

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