Exploring the Island of Korcula Croatia

Korcula (pronounced Korchula) is a stunning island known for it’s secluded beaches, uninhabited neighboring islands, exquisite arts and rich culture. It’s thought that the famed explorer Marco Polo (1254-1342) was born here. Much like Dubrovnik the city of Korcula is encased in a stone fortification with defensive towers and one of the most beautiful castle gate entries I’ve ever seen.


Our driver dropped us at Orebic, where we caught a water taxi across the bay to Korcula. The boat was a beautiful wooden taxi boat that could hold maybe 30 passengers. It’s low slung hull put us just above water level. As we cut a path through the deep blue, warm waters of the Adriatic the perspective of the approaching fortress city was enhanced by our low eye line.

We exited the boat and walked up the grand stairs of the main gate into the city. We wandered across the city to the far side and had lunch, which consisted of my usual pizza and beer. Others had great success with fresh fish. After lunch we found the destroyed ruins of what is supposed to be Marco Polo’s house. I got some good shots through what used to be the windows, through to what looked like the main fireplace in the house. There is a museum there that likely explains the whole Marco Polo story, and provides background on the house and his place in the history of Korcula. We decided our limited time was best spent exploring.


We found wonderful streets with quaint houses, elaborate garden gates and a church at the peak of the city, which provided some excellent interior photo opportunities.

What a place to see! I can’t recommend this beautiful city enough. I would love to return to experience the local area some more.

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