Exploring Old Town Dubrovnik

Our first adventures in Dubrovnik were to simply explore the city. The beauty is just extraordinary and only enhanced by the uniqueness of it all. Dubrovnik is unlike any other city in Europe. Reflecting back on it now the one sensory element that comes to mind when I think if Dubrovnik is the cleanliness of it. Not only are the city streets pristine pale stone, but the air and light are just crisp. In fact, I used a polarizer filter to shoot more often in Croatia than anywhere I’d been before. The bright sun and clear light really made the most of the polarizing effect, which allowed me to naturally enhance the blue of the Adriatic sea as well as the sky and cloud formations.

 Dubrovnik Travel

Every shot I took was not hampered by haze, pollution or any of the atmospheric texture found pretty  much everywhere else I’ve ever been. I remember taking low angle night shots of the Rector’s Palace on my hands an knees in the city streets. When I was done I was as clean as when I started. That’s never happened before.


 Dubrovnik Travel


Croatia is simply a very clean and unblemished country, which is especially inspiring considering their recent history. Dubrovnik was the cleanest though, just the definition of purity. The light is outstanding. I highly suggest getting up as the sun rises to grab shots of the empty streets cloaked in the warmth of early morning light. Sunset is just as good, although much busier with locals and tourists.

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