A Brief History of Trogir Croatia

Trogir Croatia has a rich history of art, commerce, and occupation. Originally a Roman municipality Trogir was conveniently close to Salona, the center of Roman rule in Dalmatia. In the 6th Century, the Croats settled there and brought the arts. The Venetians raided Trogir in the 12th Century during the Venetian war with Hungary for the stunning and useful Dalmatian coastline. The Venetians did not get Trogir then, but they did claim it in 1420.


That occupation lasted for four centuries. In the 1797 Napoleon claimed the entire area and actually modernized the local economy. However, Trogir was not over being concurred yet. The Austrian’s took it from 1814-1914, then it was consumed as part of Yugoslavia until 1991. During the 1970’s it boomed with ship building and tourism. Then again it faced conflict during the Bosnian war, as part of Croatia. Finally after the war with Bosnia was settled Trogir remained part of Croatia. Now it exists reflecting the art and history of its past. Tourism is again booming and the town seems to be doing quite well.

Trogir Tower

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